Frequently asked questions


1 - Useful information

Can I make a reservation?

Yes, you can book the boat of your choice, at least 48 hours before the requested date, for a departure only in the morning (see schedule on the booking form). To do so, it is necessary to go to the tab "ONLINE BOOKING", to choose the booth (Beach of St-Julien, Bauduen or Esparron). Thereafter you just have to choose the date and the boat and then complete the formalities. We do not devote our entire fleet to reservations and boats remains self-service for daily rentals. Be careful, however, with the numerous visitors during the high season (July - August).

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, they are. But, for large dogs such as Shepherds, Labradors ... it is necessary to take into account their corpulence and size when choosing a boat to rent. In all cases, Alize Electronic Location will be able to advise you before your departure

Do I have to leave a money deposit ?

We do not ask for any money deposit but for all rentals, we will ask for a valid ID and a phone number to join you in case of problem.

What happens with the payment if we exceed the rental time?

You will pay when you return according to the duration spent on the boat ; we charge by the quarter hour, so you will only pay for the exact time you spent on the boat. Any started quarter hour is due. However, on certain Sundays and bank holidays, you may be asked to pay when taking the boat, for better logistics.

Is it possible to pay with "Chèques", "Chèques Vacances" or credit card?

WARNING: Credit card payments sometimes do not work (network/saturation problem) and nearest ATM are located 20 kilometers away ! However, "Chèques Vacances" and credit card are accepted at the three rental booths.

Is there an easy access for people with reduced mobility?

Our booths are not, strictly speaking, equipped with handicap access, however, we have been welcoming you for years and our staff is available to help you accessing the boat as easy and pleasant as possible. Some of our boats (Cap and Lagon 55) can accomodate an unfolded wheelchair.

2 - How the rental works

Are children considered as adult passengers ?

In terms of regulation, even a baby is considered as a person. We advise you to ask for our help when choosing your boat.

Is it possible to book a boat for one week ?

Yes, and in this case, you must contact us to get the rental conditions and rates.

3 - The lake of Esparron

How much time should I plan to visit the lower Gorges du Verdon?

Starting from the port of Esparron, it takes about 3 hours back and forth. From the beach of St-Julien, it takes around 4 hours back and forth. We advise you to plan more time, in order to have a swim, admire the different sites of the Gorges, have a picnic ...

How much time should I plan to go around the lake ?

To go around the lake, from the village of Esparron-de-Verdon to the dam of Gréoux les Bains, along the banks, it takes about 2 hours.

Can I dock or stop with a boat on the shore ?

--Sous certaines conditions ; explications données au départ, il vous est possible d’accoster sur les berges du lac. Depuis 2018 il est cependant interdit d’accoster sur tout le parcours des Basses Gorges du Verdon (sauf cas d’urgence). Selon la météo il vous sera peut être indiqué au départ l’interdiction d’accoster sur l’ensemble du lac (lors d’épisode venteux notamment).

What is the water temperature ?

At the height of summer, the water temperature can reach 26°C 79°F, with an average of 24°C 75°F.

Are there, on the lake, forbidden sailing areas ?

Three zones are delimited on the lake. The first area is signalled by a line of yellow and black buoys around the water inlet near the beach of Saint-Julien ; the second area is parallel to the dam and is signalled the exact same way. The third one corresponds to Esparron supervised bathing area and is bordered with yellow buoys.

What are the best spots to have a picnic ?

The most beautiful places are the "Quartier" (peninsula in front of the port of Esparron), the beaches around the lake, or on the boat of course! All these sites are listed on a map you will find in the pleasure boats. But don't forget, this lake is a drinking water reserve and a natural park, so don't leave your rubbish behind you. It is strictly forbidden to dock on the entire Basses Gorges route.

Where can I have a meal on the lake ?

Either in the village of Esparron, the village of Quinson or the beach of Saint-Julien. In all these places, you will find a booth for reloading your boat if necessary, during your meal.

Are there beaches with a progressive descent into the water ?

The "Quartier" and some beaches in the area of Saint-Julien do have gentle slopes to go into the water. The other beaches scattered around the lake, are more kinds of "rocky plateau"

4 - The lake of Sainte-Croix

Can I visit the Grand Canyon starting from Bauduen ?

All our boats are equipped with storage lockers but we warn you, they are not waterproof to the rain, or splashes (due to jumps in the water for example...) etc... The lockers storage capacity is not very large, except on the Lagon 55 boat in Bauduen.

How much time should I plan to go around the lake ?

The lake of Sainte-Croix is rather large and it will take about 6 hours. It's up to you to adjust your ride with your availability and your wishes! The Alize Electronic Location team will be able to help you choosing and inform you of the approximate duration of your rental. For starting discovering the lake (bay of Bauduen, village of Sainte-Croix, we recommend at least one hour boat rental !

Is it possible to dock with a boat on the shore?

It is possible to berth the boat in case of problem but you have to respect a 5 km/h speed limit near the bank. "Prefectoral decree"

What is the water temperature ?

Near Bauduen, in the height of summer, the water can oscillate between 21 and 25°C. At the exit of the Grand Canyon the water rarely reaches 20°C 32°F.

Are there, on the lake of Sainte-Croix, forbidden sailing areas ?

There are two zones. One in front of the dam, signalled with buoys you must not cross (zones of "whirlpools" are located before buoys line, please avoid getting close to them). The other one is at the end of the Grand Canyon and prevent boats from passing. It is forbidden to try to go further!
There are risk areas for electric boat motors and they are located at the exit of the bay of Bauduen. They are indicated in the map you will find in the boat and you will also be warned by Alize Electronic team, at your departure. Then, use your common sense and be responsible when it comes to the distance of the boat from the shoreline (50 meters minimum) and keep in mind that many rocks can be completely submerged, and thus, difficult to see!

Where can I have a meal on the lake ?

The best for you is to eat before taking the boat, in the village of Bauduen where you will find numerous restaurants or fast-food restaurants. Once on the lake, there are no facilities for eating.

5 - The boats

Do I need a boating licence ?

No, but the presence of a person over the age of 18 is mandatory on board of each boat. Thus, an under-age person can steer a boat under the responsibility of an adult.

Are there roofs on the boats ?

All our boats are equipped with a roof. But be careful not all places can be in the shade depending on the position of the solar star.

Is it easy to pilot the boat ? Can everyone pilot the boat ?

Piloting our boats is something anyone can do, even children. For all rentals, Alize Electronic Location will provide you a quick training on how to pilot the boat, before the departure.

Can I keep my stroller in the boat?

Some of our boats can accommodate a small stroller (unfolded) in addition to the passengers, the recommended boat models are: The LAGON 55 and the SEDNA 50, on the Cape this is less suitable but remains feasible. Otherwise, pushchairs, bicycles, etc. can be left at the reception of our stands (under the customer's responsibility).

Do these roofs protect us in case of bad weather?

These roofs only protect you from the sun, they are not indicated in case of rain.

Can I swim from the boats?

Yes, it is possible to swim from all the boats under the vigilance of the other passengers of the boat and with the engine switched off. Remember that it is strictly forbidden to swim/circulate near the engine and that you must always keep someone on board.

Once in the water, can I get back on the boats ?

It is possible to climb back into all our boats thanks to the ladders. However, these ladders are there as a safety measure in the event of accidental falls in the water! It is up to you to be very careful when using them, because of their proximity to the engine!

Do the boats have storage lockers?

All our boats are equipped with storage lockers but we warn you, they are not waterproof to the rain, or splashes (due to jumps in the water for example...) etc...

The lockers storage capacity is not very large.

Is there a map of the lake in the boats ?

A map, with a legend of the sites to be discovered as well as the average time needed to get there, is provided in all our boats.

6 - Safety

Can a child pilot a boat?

The presence of a person over the age of 18 is mandatory on board of each boat. Thus, an under-age person can steer a boat under the responsibility of an adult.

We have a baby, are there any precautions we should take ?

We welcome everyone regardless of age and it is safe, even for a baby. Every boat can accommodate a bassinet or a baby seat.
An appropriate lifejacket will be provided to the baby/child on departure.

All boats are equipped with as many lifejackets as there are authorized seats as well as a paddle, a rope for mooring, a bilge pump or bailer, a ladder and a safety notice board (telephone numbers, regulations, instructions...).

Lifejackets appropriate for your children are provided at the reception desk before each departure.

Are there lifejackets in the boats? Safety equipments?

Our boats are either self-draining or equipped with a pump or bailer ; so bathing water or rainwater can be drained away.

Once on the water, can I contact Alize Electronic Location ?

In each boat, you will find a notice board with the phone number of the nearest booth.

7 - Fishing

Can we fish from the boats? And what kind of fish?

You can fish from all our boats. You can find trout, pike, zander, perch, carp, chub, bleak... Don't forget to bring a fishing permit, available at tobacconists.

8 - Formalities and booking

Details about formalities and booking

  • No payment is to be made in advance via the internet for the reservation (a name, email and VALID telephone number only).
  • Once your reservation has been validated via the internet, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, with all the details (look at your spam) as well as a reminder text the day before D-Day.
  • Reservations possible only on morning departures (the times are visible on the calendar in the "reservation" tab). No reservation possible in advance on time slots that are not offered.
  • Reservation possible 48 hours in advance at the latest. Be careful, remember to do it well in advance for the busy months (especially July and August)
  • Cancellation at any time without commitment other than to notify us by phone or email as soon as possible. (except for certain group rentals)